Dresscode: Fashion Portfolio Show
Event poster

The Seattle Central Apparel Design program has a portfolio show every year for fashion graduates. I created this poster for the 2012 show.

I used one of my sketches, and obscured the face with splashes of ink.

Smoking is disgusting
Anti-smoking campaign poster

I created this Seattle Central anti-smoking poster using vine charcoal and an eraser.

Graphic Design & Photography Portfolio Show
Event poster series

The Seattle Central Creative Academy has a portfolio show every year for graphic design and photography graduates. Working together with fellow design classmates, we created a concept and pitch for the 2012 portfolio show.

I created and executed the poster designs. The kaleidoscope graphics use samples of graphic design and photography portfolio work.

Matthew Henson
Black History Month poster

Seattle Central displayed this jumbo poster during Black History Month.

Stations & 25th Frame
Gig posters

I designed (and played drums!) for Seattle-based hip-hop/soul band Stations. Check us out on Spotify and Bandcamp.

25th Frame is a Seattle-based rock-n-roll band. Peep their music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Swiss design + Balanchine ballet
Project moodboard

Not actually a poster at all... but look how pretty it is! This moodboard is one of my favorites.